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Sanskrit, meaning ‘perfected’ or ‘refined’, is one of the oldest human language. The term ‘Sanskrit’ is derived from the conjoining of the prefix ‘Sam’ meaning ‘samyak’ which indicates ‘entirely’ and ‘krit’ that indicates ‘done’. Thus, the name indicates perfectly or entirely done in terms of communication, reading, hearing, and the use of vocabulary to transcend and express an emotion. Sanskrit is the store house of ancient Indian cultural and literary heritage and also known for its multi-disciplined approach among all the spheres of knowledge and Known as the mother of all Indian languages. The Sanskrit language not only speaks about Vedas and Puraṇas, but also extends its existence in scientific spheres viz. mathematics, astronomy, astrology, physics, medicine, yoga etc. Sanskrit is among the 22 official languages of India in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution. In 2010, Uttarakhand became the first state in India to make Sanskrit its second official language. In 2019, Himachal Pradesh made Sanskrit its second official language, becoming the second state in India to do so.

The Department came into existence in 1896. Now it has UG programme with 16 Hons seats. The department is planning to start several new courses and programs soon.


  • To preserve our ancient heritage, culture and science embodied in Sanskrit literature.
  • To understand the potential of Indian knowledge system encoded in Sanskrit literature.
  • Facilitate the deep understanding of ancient Indian texts meeting the challenges of modern scientific discoveries and analysis.
  • To conduct various extension programme to popularize the Sanskrit language and literature.


  • To introduce M.A and M. Phil and conduct research at Ph.D. levels.
  • To introduce various skills oriented diploma and certificate courses in Yoga, Ayurveda and Vastu.
  • To update and upgrade Sanskrit teaching and research by ICT.

Department Activities

  • Bridge classes for newly admitted students.
  • Weekly seminars by departmental seminar society.
  • Free coaching classes for various competitive exams related to Sanskrit.
  • Career counseling session.
  • Online classes.
  • Organized e - National Seminar (National webinar) 0n “Indian Science & Sanskrit” on 30-04-2020.
Name:Dr. Bighneswar Mishra
Designation:Assistant Professor & Head
Qualification:M.A, M.Ed, Ph. D (Sanskrit & Education)
Research Area:Linguistic & Literature
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