History is the study of change over time and it covers all developments touching varied aspects of human society, political, social, economic, religious, scientific, military, medical, technological and intellectual developments are all part of history. Non historians often say that history repeats itself. History never repeats itself because history is not a living thinking being. It is intellectual discipline practiced by historians who try to make the sense of the past. Being an intellectual disciplinary subject, History plays its important role in sharpening and broadening the knowledge of human beings and acts as a concrete-bridge between the past and present connecting the road to the future.

The department came into existence in 1896, runs now with 48 Hon's seats (UG). The department has now planned out to start new courses like Tourism and Archaeology with a view to augmenters more the wide range of are on the knowledge of students.


  • The department seeks to build its students transferable skills, employability, and intellectual curiosity along with raising public awareness about the past and its legacies through teaching and undertaking various programs.
  • To preserve our ancient, mediaeval, heritage, culture and traditions.
  • To understand the socio-economic and cultural system of Indian History.
  • Facilitate the deep understanding of ancient Indian texts meeting the challenges of modern scientific discoveries and analysis.
  • To conduct various extension programmes to popularize the Historical aspects.


  • To introduce M.A. and M.Phil.
  • To introduce various skills oriented diploma and certificate courses in Tourism and Archaeology.
  • To update and upgrade History teaching and research by ICT.
  • To update and upgrade History teaching and research by conducting Special lectures, Seminars and workshops.
  • To undertake various minor and major research projects in interdisciplinary studies.


  • Bridge classes for newly admitted students.
  • Weekly seminars by departmental seminar society.
  • Free coaching classes for various competitive exams related to Sanskrit.
  • Career counseling session.
  • Online classes.
Name:Dr Bhajaman Behera
Designation:Associate Professor
Research Area:Medieval history of Odisha
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Name:Sri Radhakanta Bhuyan
Designation:Assistant Professor & Head
Qualification:MA, B.Ed
Research Area:Ancient Indian History
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Name:Smt. Sujata Gamango
Designation:Jr. Lecturer
Research Area:
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