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The Department of Political Science is one of the dynamic department of the College. Political Science as an ancient field of learning started in the Greece in 5th and 4th Centuries B.C. However, Political Science was established as an academic discipline from the mid-nineteenth century on wards. It is the systematic study of Politics which addresses the domestic issues, international issues and developments and provides possible solution of all problems facing us in contemporary times. Department of Political Science adopts the analysis of normative theory, empirical tradition and critical approaches concerning the study of state, institutions and structures focusing upon classical to recent developments. The vision of the department is to make alert the students regarding socio-political and economic realities of the state and to visualise them in policy making process. Study of the subject opens multiple opportunities for political science graduates to build up their career

Name:Dr. B.N Dash
Designation:Assistant Professor (Adhoc)
Qualification:M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D
Research Area:Tribal women Leadership
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Name:Sri Tripathi Murmu
Designation:Jr. Lecturer
Research Area:
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