The Career & Counseling Cell (CCC) has been established with an objective to set up an educational counseling services offered for the students with the aim to help the students redefine their passion in their academic career, develop essential employability skills and strategies and to understand different competitive examination related to job opportunities in current market scenario and offering career counseling to students and guiding the young minds by helping them to understand their strength. The College sustained training for competitive examinations, training in basic communication skills, training in group discussion and interview skills, aptitude test training, stress management skill etc. The CCC provides information to students through Whats Aap and e- mail of the students related to their academic and job career of various agencies.


To promote the holistic development of the young talents to discover their full potential and engage in meaningful career that contributes in creating a social responsible, morally aware, economically independent and an active partner in the progress of the state and the society.


To identify the values of the students and enhance their employability skills to face challenges and facilitate employment opportunities across the globe.


  • To make students develop their academic and career interest, and their short and long term goals through individuals counseling and group discussion.
  • To assist student identify their own potential and interest.
  • To help students to implement successful job search strategies.
  • To inform various opportunities available in the state and outside.


Sl no. Theme of the career counseling session Date
1 Career prospective for Graduates  
2 Career avenues in Social Science 30-01-2019
3 Career opportunities in NCC 01-03-2019
4 Opportunities for Geography in 21st century 02-03-2019
5 Career in Journalism 08-03-2019
6 Placement counseling WIPRO/SETP UP Hiring-2019/
Financial analyst program
7 Career prospective in Govt. Sector 02-11-2019
8 Examination stress management 23-12-2019
9 Employability and Management skill 21-01-2020
10 IT enabled career options for Graduate students 21-01-2020
11 Communication skills in English for Graduates 21-01-2020
12 Financial resources for self employability 15-02-2020
13 Entrepreneurship development programs for graduate students 15-02-2020
14 NGO -  As a career option 15-02-2020
15 Two days workshop on Digital Literacy 24-02-2020
16 Career Opportunities in Geography 12-12-2020
17 Career Opportunities for students of English Language and literature 21-12-2020
18 Stress Management for Graduates 28-12-2020
19 Academic and Professional Career Opportunities for commerce Graduates 29-12-2020
20 Academic and Professional Career Opportunities in Sanskrit 06-01-2021
21 Political Science as a subject for career opportunities 05-01-2021
22 Career in Civil Services 27-02-2022
23 Career Prospects in Banking Industry 13-03-2022

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